LSWB: Our Black Belt in Female Communication


Can feminism go hand in hand with high heels and red nails? We say it can! We have set out to redefine feminism and give women the tools they need to create the life they want.

Our Leadership Strategies for Women in Business (LSWB) training, which happens to come with a black belt in female communications, is a holistic Personal Development and Leadership training for women in corporate environments. Over a period of four days, our participants get to know themselves, their patterns and triggers, improve their communication skills and find ways to empower themselves and others to reach their goals. And because we believe in holistic human beings who combine personal and professional lives on a daily business, we look at all areas of life to give our participants what they really need to be successful and thriving individuals. After all, business is done between people and not just between the parts of us who go to work every day.

We have tailored our tools and techniques to be relevant in a business context and draw from years of experience in corporate environments. We challenge our participants already during the course to apply what they’ve learned. And we stay clear of teaching empty theory that remains in course books at the return into the real world. That’s why our trainings stick and how we manage to create lasting change for and with our participants.

LCS: Climbing the corporate ladder with energy and enthusiasm

Leadership & Communication Skills (LCS) is a holistic leadership development training for junior to mid level management. Based on leading principles of personal development, leadership skills, growth and wellbeing, participants get to know themselves, their patterns and triggers and graduate with an effective toolset enabling them to exercise their leadership responsibilities with confidence.

Over a period of five days, our training groups learn how to leave old triggers behind and develop their own authentic leadership style; all while experiencing and incorporating some of the most effective stress management and communication techniques.

Participants will learn about and undergo deep transformation in the following areas:

  • Communication:
    • What is effective communication, how do I communicate and how does my communication style impact on others?
    • How can I shape my message to my audience to get the results I want?
    • Navigating through my own career and organisation: How can I successfully communicate upwards, downwards and laterally
  • Leading with integrity:
    • What is authenticity to me, what are my beliefs and values and how can I lead from a position of alignment?
  • Becoming a successful and resilient leader with a long and healthy career prospect:
    • Stress Management tools and techniques
    • Principles of Mindfulness and Meditation
    • Coping Strategies


Our leadership assessments are one of its kind

Unlimited Perception also offers in depth assessments for your leaders and the ones next in line for leadership positions. Together with our team of highly skilled interviewers, we personally speak to your candidates, their managers, peers, direct reports and anyone else who can help us understand what drives a person, where their strengths and weaknesses lie and how we can help them develop further, to be ready for the next big role and a long and thriving career in your business. And we won't be satisfies with opinions. We will ask for proof and validation on the points we hear and won't stop until we have a full view on each candidate.

We then develop an in-depth report with our findings, discuss it with the candidate and together create a development plan together with the individual in question. And to make sure the hard work pays off, we are there every step along the way, supporting each person on their path to change - through coaching and training, until we've reached the goals together as a team.


Why your teams should train with us:

  • UnlimitedPerception® offers a unique combination of excellent trainers with vast corporate experience pooled with leading edge training in communication tools, stress management and learning techniques.
  • Our trainings are based on proven principles in personal development and tailored specifically to meet corporate needs.
  • Stress related illnesses become a bigger issue for corporates each year. We offer trainings that incorporate various stress relieving techniques to give your employees what they need to protect themselves from burning out and helping them to return your investment in them over the long run.
  • We focus on intrinsic learning, leading the participants to experience their very own “aha-moments”  and creating deep transformative change already in the classroom.
  • UnlimitedPerception® offers holistic trainings that stick and a learning experience that last.

When will you learn with us?