We are experts in communication, leadership and stress management and enablers of extraordinary transformative change work.


We train individuals and groups on verbal and non-verbal communication skills. We inspire people to connect. We help them find the right strategy to manage stress in today’s world. And we teach others how to spark peak performance in themselves and their teams, motivating and inspiring on every step of the way.


Kathrin Wuetz

Chief Trainer & coach

Kathrin is the founder, Chief Trainer and Executive Business Coach of Unlimited Perception Ltd. She is fluent in German, English and Spanish language and specialises in the fields of Leadership Development, Communication, Stress Management and Public Speaking. She has a passion for applied psychology and body language and practices yoga and meditation.

Her diverse corporate and entrepreneurial background, as well as her certification as international coach and trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) allow her to combine hands-on business experience, state of the art training practices and a personalised coaching approach across multiple cultures and regions.

Throughout the past two decades, she has lived and worked in multiple countries in Europe and North America and led various global roles in fast paced multinationals such as GE Capital and L’Oréal.

Kathrin has extensive experience in the design, implementation, management and tracking of strategic programmes and trainings in multinational companies.


At Perception Unlimited, we work with a strong network of associates. 

All of our associates are masters in their field of expertise and hold multiple years of experience. We establish client relationships for life and deliver to the highest standards. If we can't deliver what you are looking for, we will put you in touch with people who can, who hold the right expertise and speak the right language for your training needs. Striving for excellence, such as we do.