At Perception Unlimited, we are curious about communication.


More than that: we are curious about the world around us. About how people perceive the world around them, what they focus on and what they blend out. We are curious about how humans process information, across borders and continents. We are curious about how our brains work, regardless of where we are from. We are curious about how we communicate through words, with our bodies and our minds. Regardless of the language we speak and the culture we grew up in.

And we are ever more curious when people don’t communicate: how they don’t communicate. What they don’t say. And what effects this has on others around them. And we love to get creative: to show people what good communication looks like. What it sounds like. And what it feels like to be a great communicator. To be part of a team that communicates well and overperforms.

And to us, communication goes hand in hand with personal development, with growth, with leadership. Because only when we know ourselves, when we know what drives us, what holds us back and what triggers us, only then can we choose to act and not just react to what’s happening, only then can we become a true leader and inspire others.

We are passionate about female leadership and offer bespoke courses for women in business.

But more than just leadership for women, we offer holistic trainings for human beings, combining leadership skills with elements of mindfulness and related disciplines. Because we know that just doing isn’t enough and that knowing how to focus and find moments of peace within are ever more important when your career takes off and the pace gets faster. In times of burn-outs and chronic stress disorders, learning the right tools and techniques early on are key to a long and successful career and to a stable and highly productive employee force. Our participants don’t just talk about the energy in the room. They feel it, they hear it and their faces tell their stories. They return to their desks feeling prepared for the next step in their career, motivated and equipped with new skills to help achieve their goals and become the next leader to follow.


Communication directly relates to personal motivation, to morale within teams, to success.

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We combine hands-on business experience in multinational companies and state of the art training practices across multiple cultures and regions. Our trainers and coaches are certified trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and compliment their knowledge with a wide range of additional skills and capabilities.


We don’t believe in offering one size fits all solutions and develop all our trainings based on our 4-pillar approach:

  1. Analysis:
    We speak to you. We ask the right questions. We Listen. We watch. We analyse.
  2. Recommendation and design:
    Based on our in-depth analysis, we recommend a training approach that’s right for you and upon agreement design and build training materials tailored to your business needs. Our trainings are designed to create change that lasts and tie into your existing business processes and structures.
  3. Education and creating change:
    Our trainers know how to deliver bespoke content to bespoke audiences, how to pace and lead the classroom and how to create a positive learning atmosphere for and with your teams. Enabling every participant to learn in a safe environment.
  4. Feedback:
    We’re excellent at what we do and to keep it this way we value and demand feedback. From you and your teams. And as feedback is a constant loop, we will keep the communication flowing. To us it’s all about learning, improving and delivering to the highest standards. That is our commitment to you.

Our trainings involve a high proportion of intrinsic learning (learning through experience) and are known to be very interactive. Our services are delivered in English, German and Spanish and can be extended to other languages upon request.

When will you learn with us?